Mission and Core Beliefs

The mission of Southern Ops Investigations and Consulting, LLC is to work cooperatively with our customers in their time of need. We will serve your investigative needs through the use of our fully qualified, licensed and experienced investigative staff.  In all of our endeavors, we will remain committed to following our core beliefs of trust, compassion and professionalism.


Trust is our hallmark and foundation. Our word is our bond. Truthfulness is what our customersexpect from us and what we demand of ourselves. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and highest level of performance beyond reproach.


We have the courage and wisdom to be fair. We are sensitive to the needs of others and are committed to treat all with dignity and respect.


As an elite and diverse team of highly trained, motivated men and women, we are committed to providing effective, efficient, and courteous service. We pledge to set innovative standards for others to follow.